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Notes here:

  • Content in any given year will depend on the instructor.
  • Enrolment is restricted to Rotman Commerce students.
  • To take a 400-series course, 14.0+ credits are required; for a 300-series, 9.0+ credits are required; and for a 200-series, 4.0+ credits are required.

Fall Term Sections
RSM311H1F – Analytical Insights using Financial Data
RSM414H1F – Creativity for Business Innovation

Winter Term Sections
RSM310H1S – Managing Customer Value
RSM312H1S – Data and Information Management for Business Analytics
RSM314H1S – Sports Analytics
RSM316H1S – Machine Learning
RSM319H1S – Creative Destruction Lab (Intro Course)
RSM412H1S – Service Operations Analytics
RSM417H1S – Sustainable Finance
RSM419H1S – Designing for Equality

RSM310H1S – Managing Customer Value

Instructor: David Soberman
Prerequisite: RSM250H1

Watch a video presentation about the course.

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